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In conjunction with the wangmote - a slang word for the Wii Remote controller - this is the act of using the wangmote for it's suggested purpose. This involves male anatomy and various bonding agents, running the gamut from tape (duct or scotch) to glues (the kind with the gorilla on the bottle) and straps (for your and her pleasure). Upon success, one is able to control their personas and their actions with man's mighty appendage.

As the Wiimote is able to sense motion, it is only man's greatest dream to virtually defeat monsters by swinging his great appendage, only to see avatars on screen slaughtering said enemies.

There is something to be said for hitting tennis balls as well using this method. Or hitting baseballs. Really any kind of swinging action that involves balls.
I'm going to employ wangmotation from day one. Those Moblins won't know what hit them, and probably won't want to know.

Wangmotation is the new accepted form of dueling. We will certainly see who is left standing up. Up is the operative word here.
by Strell December 04, 2006
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