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To a pitch a wang dang doodle is to have a good old fashioned Saturday night filled with drunken revelry, which may include but is not limited to fighting, dancing, singing and the like.
See also the song by Willie Dixon of the same name.

We're gonna a pitch a wang dang doodle all night long...and hope that we won't have to drag Owen's tequila soaked body back to the house...again.
by symonsez March 31, 2003
A cheese-string found in one's armpit, mysteriously.
The other night, I was scratching myself, and I totally found a wang dang doodle, Dandy!
by Tim and Johno April 26, 2006
a penis that is where it doesnt belong
i was at a party that i thought was a straight party, and this guy walks up to me and pulls out his wang dang doodle right in front of me! so we all beat the shit out of him and threw him out.
by obdong May 06, 2005
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