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Means "wannabe random." This is usually formerly random material that has been overused and is just not random anymore. Wandom words include pickle, chicken, monkey, dino, penguin, purple, pie, moo, pizza, mayonnaise, pudding, pants, rawr, socks, llama, taco (or burrito), cheese, and nose.
Guy 1: Rawr, i want taco with pickles.
Guy 2: Damn, you're wandom.
by MrLow March 23, 2010
Being a wannabe or trying too hard to be random. If you say "rawr" or "bish", then you are definitely wandom.
Rawr, bish, pie, and cheese are wandom words.
by SurpriseGoatse! March 21, 2009
noun: a cat that is completely random. Uno-boned.
verb: the art of being random.
My cat is wandom. He is also the sweetest baby in the world.
by The Anti-Wandom April 24, 2005

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