Top Definition
we are lazy people
we may also be flamboyantly gay as well
we enjoy WALPing it.
by king of the walpers October 16, 2007
We Are Lazy People; originated in Voorheees, NJ.
Steve is king of the WALPers.
by Steve McG October 28, 2007
anything and everything (noun, verb, adjective, pronoun, etc.)
1. "walp the s**t outta me"
2. "it's been a long day, wanna walp"
3. "i can't walping wait"
by walp walpington November 02, 2013
A walp is a flamboyent homosexual. A key attribute of a walp is they like to expose their genitalia to heterosexual males. This term originates from suburban Pittsburgh.
That flaming walp just showed me his batwing!
by berniestubbs April 17, 2006

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