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1. after getting stoned (from marijuana) and mistaking one thing for something else thus expressing or referring to the entire misunderstanding as "walnus"

2. An explicative term for describing any exciting phenomenon of any kind. (negative or positive)

3. Can be used in place of the word 'bogus'
1. example: A guy thought he got an A+ on his exam but instead he got an F, walnus!
2. example: She got a boob job, walnus!
3. example: Dude this long stop over is totally walnus!
by beeeeeans January 06, 2010
1. The rear end of a Walrus. 2. A large part of a woman's rear which involves the skin flaps of the pussy, and the gooch.
Sarah Jessica Parker has one huge Walnus!
by BigJimmeh July 12, 2010
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