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Pants printed with a print typically associated with wallpaper, such as flowers or a busy design. Typically preferred by the fashionable set, and teenagers.
Girl 1: Get a look at those wallpaper pants!
Girl 2: OMG, they're blinding.
by halsiebalsie July 29, 2012
pants that are too tight and look as if they were made from the annoying wallpaper in your great grandmothers bathroom.

usually spotted on middle aged women...normally mothers of teenaged girls who want to burn the pants. mom bought new wallpaper pants...:( i thought i got rid of them for good!

EWWWWWW ***twitch*** your mom's wearing wallpaper pants!


those wallpaper pants are too tight! MY EYES ARE BLEEDING!

why do fat people wear spandex wallpaper pants? IT BURNS
by Diana, Emily, and Bianca August 23, 2007
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