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Someone who creates a hole in the wall structure by applying a large force through their forehead and thereon the wall.
Wallhead what's the time?

Grant Reekie is the wallhead.

Sodium Infrastructure wallhead to the power five.

"What happened to that wall Billy?" said mother
"Oh I'm not sure..." he replied furtively
"Did you do it you fucking wallhead! Die wallhead die! I hope you rot in hell! You son of a wall! Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh" She said calmly.

"Hey wallhead what you up to today?""Oh nothing, just putting my head through walls..."

by Friend of Wallhead December 07, 2006
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When you attempt to insult someone but it goes horribly wrong
Person 1: HA you're mum has a wooden leg

Person 2: Dude that's not funny

Person 3: What a wallhead
by DemolitionDreamer December 26, 2010
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