One who eats pussy/vagina/cunt/hoohah/hatchet wound/no-no fun spot/clit all of the time.
After wallering 4,000 women, he was left with a salty ring around his mouth.
by Chunkpolickin January 27, 2008
A pathological liars, or "mythomaniac". A person deluded, believing in a world which they created, where anything no matter how idiotic or absurd, is possible.

Alternatively, a person so utterly inept, moronic and borderline retarded they unable to perform the most basic of tasks.
"I ran 8 miles in 6 minutes today!"
"Dude, don't be such a Waller!"

"I used to be famous in America, I was in a band you might of heard of: Metallica!"
"Wow, you're an immense Waller."

"Count to 10? 1, 2, 6, 8, 10. Those other numbers don't matter."
"You Waller, get out of my sight, your Waller-ness disgusts me."
by Pinnochio Von Waller August 28, 2007
to be pummeled; only for use in west virginia!
kerie got wallered after a drunken fight
by kay tay numba 1 August 18, 2005

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