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When a girl who is on her period and refuses to where a tampon or change her underwear. After a day of bleeding, you take the blood soaked panties and and wrap them around a raw porkchop laced with laxative. You then chain the porkchop to a dildo which you stick in the girl's ass. After insertion of the dildo, you throw the panty wrapped porkchop to a dog in the next room. The dogs proceeds to eat the porkchop, thus tugging the chain, increasing sexual pleasure. 30 minutes into sex, crawl to the next room maintaining insertion. You then grab a handful of the dog's diarrhettic feces and splash it in the woman's face, while holding her nose shut, making her inhale the shit.
Joe gave his wife a Mobile Shit Splasher for their golden anniversary.
by Chunkpolickin January 27, 2008
One who eats pussy/vagina/cunt/hoohah/hatchet wound/no-no fun spot/clit all of the time.
After wallering 4,000 women, he was left with a salty ring around his mouth.
by Chunkpolickin January 27, 2008
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