What you do to someone who is planking, be it walking, stepping, jumping, or, spitting on them.

All verbal and physical things that can be considered walking the plank.
I'm Walking the plank
by OliviaG July 11, 2011
Top Definition
When a man awakes to find a piss rifle has arived and he must urinate.
As the penis is "angry" beyond all recognition,he must stand 4 or 5ft back,comence,and gradualy walk inwords as the flow recieds.He must walk in a very straight line to avoid splashing.
Sorry about the new rug,I had to walk the plank and I triped a little
by shitty Nicko November 19, 2004
A form of pirate dance. Often accompanied with rum.

1. Grasp your hands behind your back.

2. Step forward

3. With each step, thrust your "pirate treasure" forward.

Bonus points: Make pirate noises
In an effort to get some booty, he moved to the dance floor and started walking the plank.
by Rum Cherry April 09, 2011

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