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an extremely small, lame high school located in the suburban town waldwick, nj. it's actually attatched to the middle school. most graduating classes only have 100 kids, and 85% are white, 10% spanish, and 5% asain. no one talks to the spanish kids, but they're all in ESL anyway.

lots of kids at whs like to think of themselves as rasta and wear Bob Marley shirts, even though most have never even spoken to a black person before and have only smoked weed twice.

since waldwick is a middle class town, the girls at waldwick like to pretend they're richer than they really are. most walk around with fake louis vuitton (while wearing a Marley shirt and Uggs). most kids work at Un-Believa Bills, Stop & Shop, Right Aid, Natales, but not Burger King, that's wear the spanish kids work.

if you want to go to a party thrown by a student at whs, don't expect to be drinking anything good. no, don't even expect the lowest of the low, like Budweiser. you will be drinking some lame-ass beer from some company you've never even heard of, because that's the cheapest. great. (or you will be drinking something stolen from someone's parents, therefore you're drinking from a water bottle)

if you are a graduate of whs, chances are you'll be going to Ramapo College, Montclair State, Rutgers, William Paterson, or my favorite, Bergen Community College. It's rare for some NOT to go to one of these 4 colleges.

most people (even in bergen county) have never heard of waldwick, and believe me, that's a good thing.
ex 1
Bob: Hey, do you wanna say hi to the new student that just came from El Salvador?
Lisa: NO!!!
Bob: Oh yea, we don't talk to them.

ex 2
Rachel: Nice Marley shirt! Wanna smoke weed after school?
Hannah: You know I don't really smoke weed and I'm poser rasta! I've never even talked to a black person!
Rachel: Oh yea, neither have I.

ex 3
Dylan: What HS did you go to?
Joe: Waldwick High School
Dylan: oh, i've never heard of it.
Joe: Aren't you from Bergen County?!
Dylan: Yeah...
by whsgirl March 27, 2009
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