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Phrase typically used by conspiracy theorists to imply you're ignorant.
"Man you know who brought down the Trade Centers. WAKE UP."

"Wake up. The Rothschilds control the world's banking supply. oh, and reptilians."
by Svenbot October 18, 2011
translates to "are you there", "hello?"
(22:50:24) Alan Huang: wake up
(22:50:35) Michelle Wu: wut
(22:50:36) Michelle Wu: im not sleeping
(22:50:37) Michelle Wu: lol
(22:51:31) Alan Huang: i know
(22:51:33) Alan Huang: its a figur eof speech
by twobrain March 14, 2005
The act of waking someone up by first jumping on them then dry humping them the rolling them over twice and their grabbing their feet and dropping them on their head and the repeating ocssionaly hitting / grabing the persons genitals or ass
The you boy would not get up so The other boy had to Wake up him.
by Mercury199 October 24, 2010
Typically associated with the chemical name Methamphetamine, wak eup is a street term coined in 2005 by a group of oriental men working in a Chinese buffet-style restaurant. The men had been cooking Meth in the basement of the restaurant and distributing it to buyers via the buffet clams that nobody touched anyways. Peking Garden's famous Wak Eup not only satisfied a few sea food lover's appetites, but also provided over 1000 people with pure methamphetamines (and ultimately made them scratch all of their skin off and have really bad teeth)
I need my fucking Wak Eup fix. NOW!

Dude, hit up Peking Garden and get the General Tso's and a lil' bit of that Wak Eup.

Let's go take some Wak Eup

I could use me a good Wak Eup

by i love napcas August 26, 2008
A word used to describe crystal meth in the city of Las Vegas. Likely named for the effect of Methamphetamine keeping one awake constantly.
Your grandma looks all tweaked out on that wakeup!
by Martha Lil' bit June 15, 2014
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