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similar to "wake n bake" but does not involve weed/marijuana, but fucking/sex/intercourse rather. morning sex. getting it on/doing the deed right after you wake up in the morning. bootycall that happens between daybreak and noon..anything that happens after 12pm is an "afternoon delight". I guess from the ladies stand point it could be considered a "wake n fake";)
after karen and I woke up we ripped off our jammies and proceeded right into a nice "wake n shake" session before starting our day..
by Vince G. June 11, 2008
Wake n Shake is the act of waking up early in the morning and indulging in a shack burger at Shake Shack for breakfast. The shack burger must be in your hands by 11:59am for the action to be considered a Wake n Shake. It is only referred to as a Wake n Shake when you go with more than one person, going alone is called a "Fag n Shack"
Person A: Hey, what do you think about a wake n shake tomorrow

Person B: I don't know man, its pretty late I don't think ill be able to wake up early enough for a wake n shake

Person A: Well I'm busy after that... I don't want to have to do a fag n shack....

Person B: Ok fine, as tired as I will be tomorrow, I cannot pass up the deliciousness that is a Shack Burger at Shack Shack NYC, wake n shake it is broski
by dasahungrykeed January 10, 2010
When a person, shortly after waking up, masturbates. Often executed while still in bed.
I woke up, pulled a Wake n' Shake, made some coffee, grabbed some donuts and went to work. I've never been so energized, so early!
by I'm Not a Hipster July 16, 2011
When you wake up in the morning and you realized you smoked all your good bud last night so you have to roll a shake joint for wake n shake.
Fuck man... we smoked all our dank ass diesel and blueberry yumm yumm last night so we gotta roll a fuckin shake joint for shitty wake n shake.
by Am-Unit January 02, 2010
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