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1. (N)The shrill and digital sound a pacman (or pacwoman) makes as s(he) eats a dot.

2. (N)A Battlecry.
Pacman: Waka waka waka waka waka waka
Inky: He ate another dot.
Blinky: o god, hes going for the gem!
Winky: shit, we're turning blue, we're turning blue. OH GOD, HE GOT SUE.
by Daniel Gustafson July 31, 2005
the sound fozzy from jim henson's muppets makes after he cracks a joke!
Fozzy: Why did the chicken cross the road? To get away from the chicken-eating man! WAKA WAKA WAKA.
by sillybear August 28, 2005
The sound headcrabs make in Half-Life 1
Headcrab: Waka waka waka waka!
Freeman: You suck, dude! (kills it with the crowbar)
by MrStochastic February 20, 2015
It's the sound Pac-Man makes, you fools.

The turntable definition almostkindasorta works as an onomatopoetic interpretaion of a DJ's scratching, but any DJ simply repeating a "Waka" sound over and over, without throwing in at least one, say, "Whee" isn't worth his headphones. The other def...the one about P.E.? That one just makes no sense.
Go play a game of Pac-Man. You hear that sound? There's your example.
by St_Genesius July 31, 2005
A punchline used by a popular muppet.
I hate that stupid muppet who says Waka Waka Waka all the time.
by 1337 Fork July 31, 2005
the noise people make to immitate the porno music used in porno films.
when jessica invited rick out to the pool, it started goin "waka waka waka wo wakka waka"
by Strongsad July 31, 2005
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