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wahg is a shortened version of wahgwan. recently evident within the inner city london youth.

wahg has the same meaning as wahg2,(wahg tu)but can be used more fluently as a responce to wahg.
the word has it's meaning yet is amusing.

shouts to the words emancipator LJ
wahg? cool fam.

yo, wahg? nothin blud, wahg2?
#wahg #wahg2 #wahgwan #wah blow #konichiwablow #hello #safe #blap
by Sam Abrahams March 22, 2008
7 Words related to wahg
A word said to abruptly interrupt someone.

A word used in repetition to frustrate or annoy someone.

A word said during silence to create humor.

A word used for intimidation.
"So anyways I was going to the-" "WAHG!"

"Wahg wahg wahg wahg wahg wahg wahg wahg..."
#grr #argh #stop #rawr #growl
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