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To offer unrealistically less, even in the case of an existing satisfactory price.
This Tahoe is an outstanding deal and anyone would be crazy to pass on it, but I'll Wahball and offer half what they're asking.
by l0j4ck January 23, 2009
a game which usually has 11 players.
like dodgeball,
rather than 1 person throwing a rubber ball at the other 10+,
wah-ball involves 10 or more people throwing tennis balls or rubber balls at one person - the "wah".
(A large group of friends standing round, one produces a tube of tennis balls)
Tennis ball guy: Lets play wah-ball.
Geek: No, I'm always the damn wah.
Randomer: Lighten up JM, wah-ball rocks!
Geek: Have you ever been the wah? didnt think so.
by KatnuttKATASTROPHE January 04, 2009
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