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Native Americans (red ppl) who used to burn the wagons of the white man. Can be used to offend the Native people.
Fuckin' wagon burner
by Red Chick March 25, 2003
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Used to describe First Nations People in an offensive way. In the days of colonialism when colonies such as Spain France and the United Kingdom migrated to North and Central American they conflicted with the Native peoples which resulted with teh Natives burning the mirgating colonies wagons to cut off their supplies.
You stupid Wagon Burner
by Kyle Harris January 03, 2006
Native Americans who use to burn the wagons of the white man.
fuckin' wagon burner
by Red Chick March 25, 2003
Other word for Native American.
I am damn proud to say that my ancestors were Wagonburners.
by candi777veins August 02, 2007
Unflattering term for Native American.
Why should white people, people who made this country great, care about a bunch of drunken, shiftless wagonburners.
by The Cosmic Star Goat January 29, 2004
A term for endearment towards one's fellow native american homie.
"what's up my wagon burner?"

"what up WB!"

"Dub B in this piece. awready. "

"Yeah! we're wagon burner's... that's right. we're taking it back."
by wagonburner4life August 16, 2010
a nother name for an indian
god dam wagon burners
by bryan l March 02, 2006

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