the original vadka, made in poland. vadka use to be spelled wadka befor germany took in the tradition and changed the name. They proble changed the name because of how poland pronounced wadka.
to learn more about wadka go to
by zkools February 04, 2009
Top Definition
Wadka is Vodka that's kept in a water bottle to easily hide it. Popular to do in high schools, colleges and stressful offices.
I got kicked outta class today because my teacher found the wadka in my Evian bottle after I slurred all of my words during my speech.
by ChristopherA August 11, 2005
93% pure vodka mixed with water. Bascially watered down Vodka = Wadka.
I got smaked of Wadka last night, Wadka you say? Yeah it watered down pure Vodka.
by Lenny Pepperidge June 26, 2011
A low-calorie mixed drink consisting of vodka and water.
Girl 1: I'll have a miller lite please.
Girl 2: I'm on a diet too, I'll have a wadka on ice please.
by allie_86 March 04, 2009
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