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wadgitator (wadj et ate er) NOUN. A cute little troublemaker.
Bob- Who's the naked chick dancing on top of the cop car?
John- That's my sister. Lulu.

Bob- She's a good dancer.

John- She ought to be, she studied dance for six years.

Bob- So, what does she do for a living?

John- She's a professional wadgitator.

Bob- What's that?

John- People hire her to stage public disturbances and disrupt events and rallies.

Bob- So she's working right now?

John- No, she's just doing this for fun.

Bob- How come the cops aren't stopping her?

John- They sent someone to look for a blanket to cover her up. I don't think they're searching very hard.

Bob- No, I don't think they are. So, what's she like?

John- She gets away with SO much shit, just because she's little and cute.
by Maxhole June 24, 2009
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