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A slang term for a male , usually in his 50's, that shows an enormous capacity to process large amounts of information quickly and draw from many inter-disciplinary fields of study. Almost always of Irish stock and extremely well spoken and charming. Always well endowed and highly skilled in heterosexual lovemaking. Handsome beyond imaging and gifted with an extremely magnetic personality, a Wade must control his power lest all around him come under his control.
Carrie: " Joe what's up with you lately? You seem like your under some kind of spell."
Joe: " I..I..don't know, man. But I met this dude ,Wade, and I just feel drawn to him. I can't explain it."
Carrie: " You just did."
by maxren November 08, 2012
32 25
cutie with a booty;hottie with a swimmers body
ben:hows wade?
by giandog April 09, 2008
766 297
Someone who is thought of as a superior. Someone with more experience and can guide you.

That upperclassman is my Wade who helped me through orientation.
by Clingy Liu February 23, 2009
563 265
1) one who has achieved mastery of greatness and incapable of inferiority
2) basically the rawest nigga God could create
3) distinguishable by their perfected physique

4) manifestation of excellence
5) person of vital importance when entering the "danger zone"
6) embodiment of awesome
"That's impossible!"
"You're right, we're gonna need Wade."

"Who is that guy over there? He's very attractive; look at those biceps."
"I know, must be a Wade."

"Wade, you're awesome."
"I know."
by wgp1516 March 19, 2010
399 149
A wade has a huge dick. And knows how to work it. He is kind, funny, and loving. And is a master at sex but doesn't realize it!
Sue: What did you do last night?
Lisa: My boyfriend, Wade ;)
by babypie89 April 12, 2011
262 130
a white male who almost inexcusably can pass off as a black man. usually his families traits consist of big dicks and tall women. are the blackest white kid i know what youre a wade if ive ever seen one.
by topbiscuit December 13, 2010
232 127
Getting close to a girl with the intention of getting into her underwear.
Person 1: I have become really good friends with Ellie Ward recently.

Person 2: WADE!
by Brickyy March 30, 2011
116 73
one who doesnt know what they want
wade: i think i like you

1 week later....
wade: i dont know if i like you anymore
by gokickrocks May 24, 2011
91 69