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straight wackness......the most non-fire something can be ....basically to suck or be terrable
The irish circle was straight wackadoo,all the girls were sweating leche.
by leche May 17, 2006
10 59
A person who is a step beyond crazy.
Watch out for the one with the funny look in her eye, I hear she's a total wackadoo.
by VAKI5 August 18, 2003
270 30
A person that is crazy beyond belief and doesn't seem to notice.
Sabrina is a wackadoo.
by Robert February 15, 2005
125 53
Someone that is crazy or nuts.
Billy's a Wack a doo for painting his hair orange and blue.
by PayDaddyDaPimp May 13, 2005
46 21
A person that loves to have fun all the time and tends to be a little goofy.
"Honey... why do you always have to be such a wackadoo?"

"You are such a wackadoo and that's why I love you so much!"
by PorscheBoxster2001 June 06, 2005
55 76
This is a phrase used instead of WOW! It is used a lot in the film 'Win a date with Tad Hamilton!'
You walk into a very posh hotel suite and say "Wack a Doo!"
by surfergirl April 26, 2004
2 26
General ado or excitement. Can be used as an exclamation to convey general high spirits, or sarcastically in response to an overzealous statement.
"Wackadoo troops! What a ripper party."

Chick: "And then she said that Harry has a big nose!"
Dude: "Well wackadoo. He does have a big schnoz."
by Heath Raftery August 10, 2007
14 49
An Italian American word that doesn't really have any meaning. Can also be combined with insults to make all new insults. Can only be said with an Italian American accent.
"Hey, Joey, what in the wackadoo is goin' on?"

"That wacka-doodly-dickhead, Angelo stole my money!"

"Well, wackafuckin'doo, what a wacka-doodly-dip shit!"
by MrBootylove August 04, 2008
14 54