1. when you beat someone at something.
2. to say that you're here and you want people to know it.
1. we're gunna wacham your ass at the soccer match tomorrow
2. WACHAM!! watch out i am here!
by (*Jlee*) August 29, 2006
Top Definition
1. Can be used like ‘what now’ or ‘how do you like me now’
2. Can be used as touché
1. Man 1: 2+2=5. Man 2: 2+2=4, Stupid, Wacham!
2. Man 1: You are retarded. Man 2: Yo Momma is retarded. Man 1: Wacham!
by Mr. Talk May 03, 2009
Wacham is a clothing line created by kamerick Charstien. It is famous for its relations to "Emo" and "BO!" It's creator states that "Scene" is just emo kidz that are to scared to admit that they are emo. Charstien also states that "Emo" is NOT being depressed infact it is almost the opposite. He says that "Emo" is just a style of music and dress and sometimes personality but a true emo kid duznt care wut other people think of him/her and does NOT cut themselves or listen to MCR just because they think it is "emo"
Johnny: Hey man i got this epic Wacham shirt last night!

Bobby: Holy shit thats awesome!!
by EMOxKIDD March 10, 2010
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