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1. A pair of weird looking slippers that you are forced to wear when you walk into your classroom in tokyo. They come in a variety of colors such as Pussy-Pink, Butt-Hole-Brown and Baby-Shit-Green.
2. In The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift the lead character Shaun walk into his new classroom in tokyo and the teacher gets pissed and says "wabaki" like 5 to 6 times, Shaun walks out grab a pair of "Pussy-Pink" slippers.
1. Jason: Hey Bobby you ready to go to Cindy's place and get our dick's wet?
Bobby: Yeah! Just a second, I got to put on my Pussy-Pink wabaki!
Jason: WTF!? Your never gonna get any!

2. Shaun put on your wabaki.
by GeegleSpooch August 18, 2009
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