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Pronounced w-o-x or walks. An ambiguous word often used to describe beautiful women, how good something is or used in conjuction with "shine" to go somewhere. Waax is also very often used along with "great", or "fully with lube". Waax can also be used to describe a tragic event. It is essential that the word be used in the correct context.

"I waaxed my test, fully with lube" - if you did really well on your test
"Shes a great waax" - meaning she's hot
"Lets waax and shine" - to go somewhere
"I got waaaxed on that test" - means you did horrible
#waax #wox #walks #wax #shine #lube #sick
by Balal, Azeem, Aaquib - TFW March 18, 2008
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