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waaaaaaaazup is a punk/white boy greeting. your actually not supposed answer, just say it back. it can be used as a question, but with only one a.
White boy 1:"waaaaaasup!"
White boy 2:"waaaaaasup!"
by sir psychotic July 29, 2004
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A poor substitute for saying “hi” used by white middle-class kids to show that they can sound cool. Made popular by a poorly made comedy film in the early 2000’s and a series of equally embarrassing advertising campaigns by major fast food company.
White boy: “Waaaaaaaaaasup!!!!”
Room falls silent, everyone stares.
by Bcity August 08, 2005
Moronic, idiot, repeating word all day long on vhf radio fishing channel.
While other fishermen are trying to communicate on channel 72, this a-hole keeeps shouting waaaaaaaaaaaazup and steps on everyone else's conversations.
by jsb July 06, 2004
What is up with you
waaaaaaaazup you filthy mo-fo negro?
by Bobby Lee September 16, 2003

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