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Elitish term used by few in Halo taking on multiple definitions. Literally it is the reversed sound created by Sgt. Johnson from Halo when he says, "Go go go!". Below are the most common uses when used with a question mark:
"What, what just happened?"
"What the...?!"
"You bet?" "huh/what?"

"w0rt w0rt w0rt" will usually mean "Victory!", "Hoorah!", or "Ha!". However, it's most commonly used to taunt someone.

If the word "w0rt" is used on its own, it may mean "ok", "understand", "sure/correct/you're right", "I'm here", and "hello"
Note that the "0" is used in the same manner as the exclamation point.
Player 1: Ha ha! what a n00b! you didn't see that one coming?
*player two respawns behind him*
Player 2: wort...w0rt?
Player 1: crap.
*players 2 melees player 1*
Player 2: W0rt w0rt w0rt!
by Echo Ranger 449 February 12, 2007
A word invented by Zuka The Warthog Ninja meaning the same thing as w00t and woot. It stems from the Elitian word wort, meaning "Go". Primarily used in the same context as w00t or woot.
Bob was killed by Zuka
Zuka: w0rt!
Bob: w0rt? what does that mean?
Cap'nPlanet: Zuka your not an elite
Zuka: Quiet, stupid humans.
Cap'nPlanet was killed by Zuka
Zuka: w0rt
by Zuka July 14, 2004
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