its the italian way in the south to say "hey"
"wè, how r u?"
"wè, its been a long time!"
by divinity October 01, 2007
Top Definition
1337 for "whatever" or "w/e"; primarily used by those too lazy to move their finger one more key over and press "/"
<person> how lazy are you
<person2> yeah w.e
<person> ok
by bq286 January 19, 2004
Whatever, shorten to be used in chatting and messaging situations
WE dude!
by Ridner December 05, 2002
What ever said when pissed or mad at someone
also said when you know someone is making excuses
girl: do you want to do something
boy: i am busy with my neighbor
girl: w.e.**eyes rolling**
by Kaitlin B. July 07, 2006
A term used by a parent meaning you. It is commonly used when they know you will not do something by yourself.
Father: hey son, lets go, we are going to go mow the lawn.
Son: sure, sounds fun!
Father: you go ahead and start cutting, I will be out in 5 minutes.
Son: dripping from sweat, where were you, its been an hour and I'm already finished!!
Father: oh sorry, by we, I meant you.
by deadeye10000 May 17, 2010
1. A pronoun referring to oneself and at least one other person. 2. Royal metonym for one's self, country and subjects.
1. We are going to the park to kick homeles people because we are bored.
2. We are full of pudding and are going to use the potty.
by Douglas Dafoe June 29, 2004
w e
Stands for "whatever". Used mostly by bitches with a poor attitude.
Cool Guy: "Hey you wanna do something tonight?"
Bitch: "w e."
Cool Guy: "What the fuck is that supposed to mean?"
Bitch: "What? I said I didn't care"
Cool Guy: "I hate you sometimes."
Bitch: "w e."
Cool Guy: "I'm going to kill you."
by ufnsrlkgvn August 02, 2009
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