You and I
we are together
by mula867 January 04, 2010
Short form for "weekend", mainly used in Germany.
Any plans for the we?
by koneee December 13, 2010
Whatever,Used mainly for IM'ing
Person1: Haha you fell in class
Person2: w.e
by Smoothe00 December 09, 2009
whatever abbreviated. often used when pissed.
person 1: i hate your hair.
person 2: we.
person 1: what does that mean?
person 2: whatever.
person 1: no tell me!
person 2: no it actually means whatever...
person 1: oh...!
person 2: smh.
by itssummer July 25, 2011
its the italian way in the south to say "hey"
"wè, how r u?"
"wè, its been a long time!"
by divinity October 01, 2007
In personals ads, Well Endowed
MWF seeks WE DWM for fun
by danieljsza December 03, 2010
Can be defined as any team you want that you jump on the bandwagon of. No basis behind the sudden liking of this team.
On the Jaguars, "did we win?"
From a Yankees fan: "We lost." "Who's we?" "Umm...the Rays."
by Muel Slay September 18, 2011

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