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- A word that describes the current emotion that one is feeling. It's mostly said in casual and exclaimation tones.

- Is often used before or after a sentence.

- It sometimes replaces a verb.

"I love fruit punch, vwoot."

"Wubby spins, vwoot!"

"Your mom vwoots at night."

by NWtheLegend November 22, 2006
A variation of woot. Used mostly when instant messaging or online games.
Choccochip123: Ooh, my mom just said I could make cookies!
Bestfriend88: Vwoot! What kind are you making?

Ze_Enslaver729: Vwoot! I just totally crushed that army of evil zombies!
1_Fan: Really? Cool!
by Spiritpaw July 01, 2008
A variation of the gamer exclamation,w00t. Used as to convey more emotion. Also more fun to say, because it starts with a v, which is later in the alphabet, and therefore makes it cooler.
"I said vwoot, damnit, now go make me a fucking sandwich, it's pwnage time."
by The Right Red Hand November 12, 2006
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