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An automobile that only a woman would buy or drive (e.g., a winner of Consumer Reports' Best-Buy and JD Powers' Highest-Reliability ratings; typically a five-door hatchback with extra safety features, excellent gasoline mileage, under 120 horsepower, and a roomy interior for stowing and carrying several dozen pieces of gear.)
Irritated by her husband's purchase of an icky Dodge Hemi Challenger as his everyday car, Irma resolved to buy a vulvo for her personal use.
by Sir Rantsalot December 11, 2009
A solidly-built pussy which is unlikely to set your heirbags off, but could nevertheless withstand an offset frontal impact at 40mph and come out reasonably unscathed.
Julie had one heck of a vulvo for a skinny bird.
by Jezarius September 11, 2007