(n): Main comic book character in Vu: The Master of the Universe created by Omega comics. Powers include super speed, super strenght, super senses, telepathy, invulnerablity, and manipulation of energy. Is a cross between Superman and Dark Phoenix. Character is dark and moody with a strong sense of righteousness.
Hey John go buy that Vu comic.
by jaime penny October 14, 2006
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a meaning of coolness
"you are soo vu"
by vu September 11, 2003
VU stands for Volume Unit. This varies from PPM (Peak Program Meters) in that a VU meter displays the average volume level of an audio signal.
PPM is measuring the peak amplitude, which is the maximum volume of a signal, VU measures the average volume. VU gives a better idea of total power output.

Of Montreal- "Still I only feel alright when the vu’s flashing bombs going off in my head"
by _darB October 20, 2006
A player with a huge endowment. Is a distant relative of Mr. 18 inch.
I dont know how Vu gets that thing up. Its a monster.
by Pamela Lee October 18, 2006
(n): Of or relating to a comic book hero based on the writing of Stan O'Hurley cofounder of Omega Comics. Described as having a large endowment as well as abs of steel, Vu super powers include super human strenght, super sonic speed, telepaty, invulnerability, super senses, and flight. Modeled after Superman and Dark Phoenix the character is portrayed as being moody and dark but having a sense of righteousness.
Its a bird, its a plane, no its Vu.
by jaime penny October 14, 2006
a physical measurement of sound. can be seen in almost any mp3 compatible players. comes in different types: bars, wave, lights, and visuals. who wouldn't dance if you see 'em flashing?
Still, I only feel alive when the V.U. is flashing
Bombs going off in my head
I want to grab you, want to scream at you
no icing me down
The party's crashing us now
The party's crashing us now
by georgie fruit January 24, 2011
short for velvet underground
That new music is so VU
by mmichaell July 23, 2005

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