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VU stands for Volume Unit. This varies from PPM (Peak Program Meters) in that a VU meter displays the average volume level of an audio signal.
PPM is measuring the peak amplitude, which is the maximum volume of a signal, VU measures the average volume. VU gives a better idea of total power output.

Of Montreal- "Still I only feel alright when the vu’s flashing bombs going off in my head"
by _darB October 20, 2006
Abbv. for Non Ugly Lesbian
Holy crap that NUL is so hot she makes me cream.
by _darB May 09, 2005
Thermal Cautery Unit- used in hospitals for reproductive sterilization in both males and females. Safer and more effective thn other techniques, it slices through your tubes with a high temperature wire.
They used a TCU to tie my tubes.
by _darB May 10, 2005
The study of mixing music, includes sub-genres of DJing, mash-ups, bastard pop, and remixing.
Dude, it's the electronic age of music! Mixology lets you use other songs as a palette with which to paint the song of your imagination.
by _darb September 29, 2007
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