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A liquor that is not boyant.
"Tiffany Shannon, why did you drop the Voyant, dammit you fine azz hoe cheerleader that shit ain't boyant. Now that shit will stick to toes and flip-flops of the other hoes."
by Deacon the Dick August 22, 2007
. A liquor drinky drink that tastes like ginger bread men and Chi.

2. Frequently referenced when the lone rider bunks with couples at the beach and he or she is referred to as the voyant. This term coined when the lone rider dropped the bottle in the parking lot making her toes smell and taste of voyant.

3. Voyant relates to voyeurism in a way that means the person who spots or hears people bangin' becomes the voyant.
1. Schiznit!! I broke the bottle of Voyant in the parking lot!

2. This girl is our only voyant. Do ya want to bang?

3. I saw ya'll hittin' it last night on the balconey. Being the voyant grew my man in the boat!
by Starfish76 August 24, 2007
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