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tight, trippy, awesome, cool, sweet
"I like pie"
by your mama December 03, 2003
24 11
An interjection to exclaim excitement or wonder.
by Anonymous October 19, 2003
19 7
Vodka, but in a cask.

Comes from the Australian use of the word goon, a name for cheap cask wine.

Smirnoff create voon, in 2 flavours, Cranberry and Blood Orange.
Hey pass us the goon bag.

It's not goon, it's voon dickhead!

Wtf is voon??
by caaaaate January 22, 2011
9 2
A delicious cocktail of "V Energy Drink" and Red Wine. A Portmanteu of "V" + "Goon".

V Energy drink is a 'redbull' style energy drink with Guarana from Frucor (New Zealand beverage maker).

Goon is a local Australian term referring to cheap cask wine.
Annon and I were hanging out in the basement of that bookshop drinkin' voon and listening to the beats.

Person A: Im tired. Ive been drinking all day!
Person B: Try some voon!
Person A: *drink* Ahhh now ive got the energy to continue drinking all night!
by _MiW November 25, 2010
7 2
A nickname for Aaron. The 2nd derivative of Aaron

Aaron -> Avoon -> voon -> vooni -> voonicash -> voonicashmooni
Bob: Hey vooni what are you doing?
Aaron: ya mum
by James 'bevtron' May 18, 2008
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