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A state of emotion that makes you feel as if you could vomit. Typically occuring in response to the action of another person(s).

The opposite of "glorious"
Man: That was so great! I cant believe he just picked his nose and ate it for a dollar.

Man's wife: You and your friends make me feel so vomitorious. I dont want you hanging out with them anymore.

Man: Well too bad. Your vomitorioius is this man's glorious.
by Dr. Do Little July 31, 2012
To be notorious for being so heinously undesirable that you make others puke just by your sheer presence. Even the mere mention of a person's name who is vomitorious can induce a stong gag reflex.
Ky: Oh gawd, here come's that Aztec looking freak Eric.

Leigh: Ew! He is SO Vomitorious!

Ky: Yeah, he's a real dream for the practicing bulemic. No toothbrush required.
by classikjane March 12, 2010
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