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small pieces of tortilla chips
there were only vojs left at the bottom, so there was nothing to dip into the sourcream and salsa
by twinkletoes July 20, 2003
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The amazing combination of Vodka and Orange Juice into a delicious alcoholic cocktail.
Person 1: "Dude what's in this drink?"
Person 2: "Just vodka and orange juice. Made it up myself. Do you like it?"
Person 1: "Yeah, love it. What do you call it?"

Person 2? "Idk. Either vodka-orange juice or VOJ"
Person 1: "VOJ? Like 'Vee-oh-jay?'"
Person 2: "No. Like Voh-Jay."
Person 1: "Oh. Awesome."
Person 2: "Right?"
Person 1: "Yeah!"
Person 2: "Haha. Yeah."
by ChickenMusket July 16, 2012
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