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Voidism is the philosophy held by voidists, people who aspire to find themselves at the bottom of the following ladder:
# Polytheism - belief in many gods.
# Monotheism - belief in one god.
# Atheism - absence of belief in gods.
# Nihilism - absence of belief in gods, morality and purpose.
# Voidism - absence of belief in gods, morality, purpose and conciousness.

As a voidist, one considers that conciousness is an illusion, a very good illusion, but an illusion nonetheless.

Since the term 'nihilism' already implies a sense of 'nothingness', when looking to coin a term for this philosophy it was necessary to find a word which would imply an even purer sense of emptyness. The phrase 'null and void' led to the idea of calling it voidism.
A: The brain is only as concious as the spine, is only as concious as the hand, is only as concious as the fingernails, is only as concious as a rock.

B: What have you been smoking?

A: Oh no, I haven't been smoking anything; I'm a voidist.

B: What is voidism?
by Godlesssoab October 31, 2010
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