An armour set in the online game by JaGex, it comes in a set of 4 items;
robe top
robe bottom
1 of 3 helmets
the 3 helmets each incorperate a different effect on the wearer. there is a ranger helmet, a melee helmet and a mage helmet (looks like a hood though -.-)

popular among rangers and melee warriors in PvP (player vs Player) and PvM (player vs Monster)
"Dude I got my void range set today ^.^"

"Dude, i downed like, 5 voids today"

by rav3rz_r0idz February 25, 2010
Top Definition
2.hollow in 4 dimensional(bigger on the inside than on the outside)
as in simons head is like a voidmeaning all three at once
by jarren March 25, 2003
The space between a steering wheel and the back of the drivers seat. Often occupied by a creature resembling a human.
Commonly seen in Taxis, trucks and other service vehicles.
That truck has two blown tyres, must have a void in it.
by Bill the Bunyip March 08, 2014
A name for a man's incredibly large anus.

Also a name for an endless dark hole (of a man's a**hole)

Something that consumes everything


Something you never want to get caught in
"After i got out of prison, i had a void."

Think of a blackhole, but replacing a man's butt hole

"His void consumed every man in prison, due to jail rape"

"The man sucked up a building, through his void, never to be seen again"
by Adurk September 15, 2012
It is when a salesperson goes out and does not sell shit
Guy 1: "That foo voided he sucks"
Guy 2: "Lol"
by lobsterwithgarlic September 06, 2011
a person with no ambition, goals, or meaning in life
yeah the void that got hit by a truck yesterday won't be missed
by targetface August 24, 2003
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