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"Voguettes" are helpful people who use the Australian Vogue Forums (website: forums.vogue.com.au). Originally "Voguettes" were defined for females whereas males were "Voguys" however the term "Voguette" is now used for both genders. The forums are derived from Australian Vogue Magazine.

Voguettes share a common interest of fashion, current affairs, fitness, food and entertainment, arts, careers and education, home and interior, travel and charities.
"I saw a photo with a model I can't identify. I should ask Voguettes if they know who it is."

"I want to go shopping for something new. I should check the Vogue Forums to see if the Voguettes know of any sales."
by Voguette January 20, 2010
A female member of the vogue forums. Are usually fashion-conscious, helpful and often have a lot of money. Quite anonymous.
Person 1: (on Marge's computer) Look at Marge's history! She goes on http://forums.vogue.com.au/ everyday!
Person 2: (gasp) She must be one of those elusive Voguettes!
by sienna crosby November 25, 2005