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Unattractive and insecure, often balding, male who spends his life trying impress his friends by showing he is capable of getting a girl. The funny thing is that each one is less and less attractive, some with major physical turnoffs. Since his emphasis is on a tight ass, he overlooks other major physical flaws. Everyone just wants him to shut up, so they act impressed while secretly laughing to themselves.
ME: I know he’s a vizzachero, but don't he mind how fucking yellow her teeth are?

YOU: I know they are gross but if he’s happy let it go -- he can buy her a toothbrush for her birthday!

ME: Anyone else think that vizzachero’s latest conquest looks a little young? She reminds me of one of the Grady twins in that movie "The Shining"!

YOU: Yeah, but she's legal, so act really impressed or he'll start crying!

ME: Have you ever seen a stupider looking chick getting vizzachero'd?

YOU: No it must be the later stages or he needs to lay off the bong.
by dickhead123d February 24, 2013
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