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A person who has lost his or her virginity. Second syllable pronounced like "gone."
"Shellie's been a virgon since she dated Michael her senior year."
by SLM, JAL August 24, 2006
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Someone who has had sexual intercourse (only counts if you've had sex once) but did not experience an orgasm due to a disturbance out of your control. The "O" that replaces the "I" in virgin stands for orgasm, the thing that was not experienced during intercourse.
Dude-One: Dude I lost my virginity last night to this bangin hot chick.

Dude-Two: How was it?

Dude-One: Oh it was great and all, but I didn't get to cum all over her face because deuschebag johnny came in and interuppted us.

Dude-Two: Dude... Dude... You may not be a Virgin anymore but you're still a Virgon. BRAH!
by Dude-One September 03, 2008
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a word some bitch uses who is a 5 head giraffe lookin ass bitch
my name is gabby daniel and i fucked 2 guys that were virgons
by gabby daniel February 28, 2017
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