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1. A person who happens to be a Virgo and is robotic.
2. A human calculator.
3. A human scandisk (very good memory)
4. Someone boring in bed.
5. A Virgo who likes to dance "The Robot"
6. Someone you take around because they can remember everything you did if you are drunk (and they aren't)
7. A cute nickname for a Virgo because they embody Virgo characteristics almost to the tee.
virgobot: Do you remember last night at the bar you danced the macarena to Soldier Boy's "Superman"?! It was hilarious! You fell to your ass trying to do the jump at the end!.... well.. that.. was kind of embarrassing. But the crowd loved it!

friend: Ugh. You're such a virgobot. Sometimes I wish you didn't remember these things.
by TheVirgoBot February 17, 2010
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