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(n) using the index finger in the vagina and the thumb in the butt, simply snap.
try using the viper bite to snap out a catchy tune (preferably with a lot of bass)
by skateboardom April 03, 2008
The first person sticks his or her fingers into a woman resembling the position of fingers in a bowling ball. Two fingers are inserted in the front, and the thumb in rear hole. Also known as the shocker position, except typically using the middle and ring finger, but then the first person *SNAPS* their fingers.
I thought Craig was pulling the shocker again last night, but it turned it into a viper bite.
by DM October 09, 2007
Derived from the light touch of a viper's tongue, a viper bite is the splash back of toilet water on your ass following a viper-quick, high velocity turd drop.
Man, my ass is all wet from a viper bite. No more fish tacos for me.
by MyVipersKeeper November 21, 2011
two piercings in the middle of the bottom lip sperated by small space
Lisa didn't like the trend of snake bites on the sides, so she went with something a little different and got two viper bites in the middle
by SPiDER_BiTTEN January 31, 2009
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