1. Someone who lacks intelligence, can be described as a closeted homosexual, that has violent tendencies towards those who have an opinion other than their own.

2. Someone who's mother did not love them, so they lash out at other people.
Geez, all I said was "torture is wrong", don't be such a Vinny.
by asdefajowirhgarj February 01, 2010
-A person who is always broke and have no money.
-Someone who has money but is miserly.
-Vinny means a man that cannot get a woman, cannot have a relationship.
-Has a bad taste in clothes.
-Always sweat.
-Means a rat, someone who is sneaky.
"If women are not attractive to you, then you are a Vinny!"
by Simularia October 07, 2008
Vinny likes to make women feel special but only threw social media. Hell post a pic or video... but over texts it's read and ignore

He uses women

He doesn't care about anyone but himself....
He's an overall rude person
Dude I got used by a Vinny,

He's such a Vinny ugh!!
by unsocialbutterfly June 01, 2016
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