(1) To be extremely sexy.

(2) A person who has a huge dick.

(3) Someone insanely good in bed

(4) To be an extremely good boyfriend

(5) A person that is super friendly and everyone loves
Girl: Wow vinny is sexy!

Person 1: Wow that girl looks like she's having a hard time walking
Person 2: She must've had sex with a vinny

Girl 1: So did you have sex with vinny last night
Girl 2: Yes, it was the best sex I'll ever have in my life!

Girl: Wow I wish I had a vinny as a boyfriend

Guy 1: Do you know a vinny?
Guy 2: Yeah vinnny's a cool dude
by kitkatkate May 18, 2013
The best man you'll ever know, the sweetest guy, totally in love with God, looks for the good in people, not afraid to admit when he is wrong, very strong and caring, hard worker, compassionate, tall dark and exceptionally handsome, exotic, smart, gregarious, funny, adventurous, lovely in every way.
I am so blessed to have my Vinny in my life.
by bechta February 06, 2010
another word for a dildo/vibrator/sex-toy,buzz love.
i used my Vinny last night.
i got a new Vinny.

got a great buzz off Vinny.

Vinny running low.- the vibe is running low on batteries.
by club_shaz January 30, 2009
A guy with a cock so big that you're actually standing on it right now.
Watch out for Vinny's cock
by dj44445555 June 30, 2010

an eating establishment frequented by the down trodden of the local area. lunch usually follows with a mild to severe case of brown liquid escaping from your ass. lunch is always the same, followed by more of the same for dinner. crack, heroine and pot is also available for an extra cost.
hey! what are they servin at vinnie's today? oh yea never mind
by havalaf October 07, 2009
Formally known as a Legend which brought a new look into this virtual chat world so called HabboHotel. He's been owning a guestroom(Box) which is being visited since the beginning.A lot of theories have been revolved that Vinny had always been in sort of corrupted situations down the road.(Housekeeping Attack etc.)People are still spreading out rumours about this guy.
n00b1: Stop being such a Safety Pixel. I know you Hack.
n00b2: What do you mean kid? I'm Vinny!

n00b1: Don't say you've got all this furniture for free!
n00b2: Dude, what are you expecting? That I'm a Vinny?
by Gravior January 07, 2008
The corner of a bag of weed
Im almost out of smoke,I only have a Vinny left
by joebb January 09, 2016
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