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To be banned indefinitely from a social networking website by administrators for abusing the submittal of content in a way that leverages a clients advertising pitch as reputable and news-worthy content. Also associated with losing the trust and respect of bloggers by submitting fake and misleading content. The term has been adapted from marketers who misuse the social newsroom, Truemors.

Also known as, "bank'd".
"Way to go ass, you just vincetruemored us from that online community!"

"Oh man, why did you have to post all that fake content on Digg? You just bank'd us!"
by McNutty November 14, 2007
To ruin a relationship with, or get kicked out of, a social media network.

the term comes from marketers abusing social news site Truemors.
"Dude you totally vincetruemored that account! Now we're kicked off Digg!"
by craig43234 November 14, 2007

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