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a man that likes to remind you that he is a man, he is the one who enjoys telling you to grow up, as if he was born a man! he is not forgetful but he is forgiving. He is the first one to admit his faults and wrongdoings with a sincere apology. The one person that may be always right (still not proven otherwise...yet) stubborn for what he believes in and a strong person to love, a person who will love you with a hint of crazy but surprise you with gentleness. loves you until you hurt, but it is a good hurt.
Vincente told me he loved me, then he bent over to kiss me but bit me instead! then he called me a dick.
by the1who got a way March 03, 2012
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a hott boy whos awesome with his calculators
look at thats vincente
by Kaitin Christfor November 23, 2007
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Italian word for the English word winning.
Charlie Sheen: Winning!
Charlie Sheen with italian subtitles: Vincente!

Hey, did you know Vincente is Charlie Sheen's illegitimate son, that's why he is always saying Winning, he is actually calling out to his son.
by pokemonlover91 October 14, 2011
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A person who is sweet and loving and gives sweet love. Every guy wishes they could be that with a sweet ass like one. They have the greatest taste in music and have a thing for trash bags. It must have something to do with the dick.
I wish my boyfriend would be more like a Vincente
by theJongCo October 08, 2014
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basically a walking tub of grease. you can smell him from miles away.
"ew whats thats smell? oh its probaly vincente
by reyjay April 13, 2015
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Person usually considered gay, or acts in a gay fassion. Also very naive.
Guy : Was that man just checking me out?
Guy2 : Yah, well what do you expect, he's a Vincente.

Guy: Why did he grab the soap on the ground in the shower while there was a black guy behind him?
Guy2: You know, he's a Vincente.
by vincentegaynaive November 05, 2010
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