Ville Valo is such an amazing artist! He has an incredible voice, eyes that make you melt, lips that you long to kiss, and an adittude all his own. No one can beat his music because the lyrics are soulful, sentual, different, and very deep. While the music to each song fits perfectly. He is in my eyes one of the sexiest men to walk the earth and incredibly talented. HIM kicks ass!
No one can compare to Valo, no one!
by Christine June 30, 2004
A god whose fans, the HIMalayans, worship. His every move, every smile, every sound, every show of passion on his face can cause one to be petrified by his radiant beauty. He is an angel that the Creator sent down from Heaven to earth, and on his way down the devil made him satanic and vampiric, but it seems the HIMalayans are in love with Valo for this very reason.
"You smiled like an angel fallen from gace..."
by InJoyNSorrow000 July 14, 2004
H.I.M's vocalist, known for his goddam sexiness and beautiful voice.
Ville Valo is hot.
by rahla March 15, 2004
It would be best to describe Ville,using his own music.Take Beautiful,for example...Perhaps Gone with the Sin(my favorite H.I.M. song),Ville's words melt my heart and the only thing I can think about when listening to the music is "If I saw Ville,Id really just have to say his own words-to him,to express how i feel about him to the fullest."Even if you took off the amazing body,the tatts,and the gorgious hair and face,beautiful jaw bone structure,godly lips and butter like hands,Ville would still be the most beautiful person....Everything about him....Precious.
"So close to the Flame...."
by Erin February 22, 2005
*looks at pic of Ville* *sighs and shudders*

The most beautiful singer to walk this earth. Inspiring lyrics. Great voice. Great band. Black skullcap. And a hot body to go with it.

H.I.M.: The perfect band.
Ville Valo is enough to make guys question their masculinity. And enough for girls to have screaming fangirls everywhere.
by Crimson Nanashi September 02, 2004
he´s my kind of man XD , very sexy and romantic , beautiful green eyes, lots of tattos and very intelligent.
you´ll understand me once you read the interviews and see his pictures.
by daniela*valo*mx May 11, 2004
Mr Ville Hermani Valo: A dark brooding poet awash with a provocative voice, soul and body. Sensuality is his forte. I don't know how love said no to this man of beauty
If you took a taste of his lips, you would want to be his poison girl forever more
by Love_Poison_Girl July 26, 2004
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