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The most awesome golfer ever to play the game. He has a really gay laugh and is arguably the best ball striker to ever play, but as of late his putting sucks. He always looks goofy and won the masters in 2000 and the PGA in 98' and 04'. Tall and Lanky his swing models Tom Weiskopf and he is really fun to make jokes about due to his goofy actions and girly laugh and his excessive use of the word "bro"
hey vijay singh why dont you practice putting more? you could win infinite times if you did " AhAHAHAhAhAHa it's cool bro i dont even care about winning tournaments bro, its fun to just kinda go out there and uhh fuck around and see if i can win with 40 putts a round bro, its like a bow"
by Christopher jones December 01, 2006
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