The process of writing on Arash Parsa's Facebook wall, and mentioning that you are NOT the first to write on it.
Yo, I know I'm not the first person to write on your wall, but I take your wall viginity. Shove that one in your juicebox and suck it.
by DJ Tranc3mind November 22, 2007
Top Definition
1.) The closest thing to virginity that someone is willing to give you, or you're willing to give someone. Usually given to either someone of the same sex, or a flaming homosexual .

2.) AndrewBravener's spelling of 'virginity.'
Anyone who doesn't have my viginity is a fuckface that wishes they did .
by Naymoe April 01, 2008
Being in the vicinity of a vagina.
1. You do not need perfect aim to have sex with a woman, just get it in the viginity and the woman can guide it in.
by R_Mc March 03, 2008

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